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Social bookmarking is an online service that allows users to save, organize, share, and manage bookmarks of web pages. These services are typically web-based and provide a centralized online platform for users to store their links (or bookmarks), which can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

The key features and functions of social bookmarking include:

Saving and Organizing: Users can save web pages they find useful or interesting and categorize them using tags or folders. This helps in organizing information for easy retrieval later.

Tagging: Unlike traditional bookmarks stored in a browser, social bookmarks can be tagged with relevant keywords. This tagging system allows for a more flexible and dynamic way to categorize and search for bookmarks.

Sharing: Social bookmarking services often have social features, allowing users to share their bookmarks with friends, colleagues, or the public. This can help others discover new and valuable resources.

Discovering Content: Users can explore bookmarks saved by others, often categorized by popularity or tags. This helps in discovering new content that might not have been found through traditional search engines.

Collaboration: Some social bookmarking tools enable group collaboration, where multiple users can contribute to and organize a shared collection of bookmarks.

Popular social bookmarking services include:

  • Delicious: One of the first and most well-known social bookmarking sites.
  • Diigo: Offers advanced features like highlighting and annotation.
  • Pocket: Allows users to save articles and videos for later viewing.
  • Pinterest: Focuses on saving and sharing visual content.
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